My favounite season作文

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My favounite season作文


My favounite season作文

  【篇一:My favounite season作文】

  My favourite season is Autumn. It is a harvest season. Farmers are all busy getting in the crops. There are lots of different fruits in the season, such as apples, oranges, bananas and so on. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the Chinese traditional festival in Autumn. People often have a big family dinner to celebrate it. The whole family have mooncakes and admire the full moon in the open air at night.

  It is cool in Autumn. So Autumn is a good season to travel. National Day is on October 1. Lots of people go out for a trip during the holiday. We can learn a lot about the history of our country from the trip. I want to visit Beijing, the capital of China, with my parents this Atumn.

  People also do many different kinds of sports in Atumn. For example, children often fly kites in the park. The young like climbing the hills and having a camping trip at weekends. The old can go out for a walk and do some exercise.

  There are many beautiful flowers in Atumn. Chrysanthemums are the most popular. They have a sweet smell.

  I like Atumn best. What about you, my dear friend?

  【篇二:My favounite season作文】

  My favorite season is summer. Spring is often rain. Fall is usually wind. Winter is too cold. So I like summer. In summer, I can go swimming and eat ice-cream. Ice-cream is my favorite food. There is a long holiday in summer, too. I can take a long travel. I can play with my friends. Do you like summer? I think so.

  【篇三:My favounite season作文】

  In the four seasons there are spring, summer, autumn and winter. My favourite season is Summer .Because there are holidays in summer. I can eat ice cream and watermelon. Summer is very hot , but I can't swim.

  【篇四:My favounite season作文】

  I like autumntime best of all

  Autumn is a gold season.The days begin get shorter and colder.Plants shops flowering and leaves begin to fall from the tree.The leaves are turn yellow.Birds are flying to south.Fruits and corps are ripe. Many people like to visit parks and have picnices outsde.

  Last year of the autumn.My father my mother and I competedin mountain.We are all happy.

  I like autumn very much.Do you like autumn too? Please tell me.

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